I love how the supportive the progressive youths organization is to my son. I have a significant change is his overall behavior now that he has a safe, nurturing and engaging enviroment to spend his out of school hours. They always plan tournaments, events and expose my child to many opportunities which give him the chance to see the world beyond our little community.

Parent of a 10 year old

Progressive youths has helped me develop my soccer skills so much. The coaches are always supportive, the practices are rigorous and our group of kids are amazing. I can’t imagine being part of any other club.

Under 14 player

PYSC is an amazing place to work at. The coaches are respected, the entire organization is fair and exciting to work in and most importantly our kids are AMAZING. The organization does such great work to support the kids in the community and we are only growing and impacting more and more lives as the days go by

Senior Coach